Downloadable Maps

Download Driving Map

Map of Stone Mountain Park's attractions located in Crossroads.

Download Attractions Schedule

Schedule of Stone Mountain Park's attractions

Download Lasershow Map

Map of Stone Mountain Park's terraces located on Memorial Lawn.

Download the Campground Map

Map of the Stone Mountain Park Campground—Georgia's largest campground with over 400 sites.

Download Complete Trail Map

Trail maps for all of the trails in Stone Mountain Park. Including Cherokee Trail, Walk-Up Trail, Nature Garden Trail, Songbird Habitat Trail, Muscogee Trail, King's Trail at Indian Island, and connecting trails.

Download King's Trail Map

Trail Map for King's Trail at Indian Island.

Download Muscogee Trail Map

Trail map for the 1.5 mile loop beginning in the parking lot located on Jefferson Davis Drive.

Download Nature Garden Trail Map

Trail map of the nature garden trail off of Robert E Lee Blvd featuring native plants & shrubs.

Download Songbird Habitat Trails Map

Trail map of the trails at the Songbird Habitat located on Stonewall Jackson Drive.

Download Evergreen Trail Map

Trail map for trails near Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Resort and Conference Center.