Family Reunion

At Stone Mountain Park, we understand the importance of connecting with family and have perfected the art of family reunions. Here, you’ll find a 3,200-acre wonderland just waiting to play host to your special family event.

From all-inclusive picnic packages at one of our scenic outdoor pavilions, to a Lasershow private terrace buffet – we have included all of the details you need to plan a fun event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring in an outside caterer for my event?

No. All food, beverage and alcohol must be purchased from Stone Mountain Park Catering.

Can I take home leftover food from the picnic?

No. Stone Mountain Park is responsible for the quality and freshness of food served to our guests. Due to current health regulations, food may not be taken off the Park premises, packed in "to go" containers and will not be left out longer than the set serve time. This policy is strictly enforced, regardless of the amount of food that is leftover.

When do I need to give the final number of attendees to Stone Mountain Park?

The guaranteed number of persons attending your function is required five (5) working days prior to the event date. If more guests are in attendance than guaranteed number, then the actual number served will be charged.

What is the rain/inclement weather policy?

Stone Mountain Park will not be liable for weather, or any other cause beyond its control. Refunds will not be given for weather related changes.

What is the Park's cancellation policy for Family Reunion events?

Cancellations made 31-60 days prior to the event will be charged 50% of the total estimated contract value; 8-30 days to the event are charged 80% and 0-7 days will be charged the total amount.

Important Information:

  • Minimum of 75 guests on Saturday; 50 guests Sunday – Friday.
  • Pavilions are booked twice daily, 10 AM – 3 PM and 4 PM – 9 PM; within that time frame you pick your meal serve time. Buffets are open for a minimum of one hour and increase with the group size.
  • Serve times can be increased for an additional per person fee.
    1/2 hour is an additional $2.00 per person.
    1 hour is an additional $2.50 per person.
  • Stone Mountain Park does not book any events during the week of July 4
  • Outside caterers are prohibited.