Stone Mountain Railroad - The Rock Line

All Aboard! Join us at our train depot and learn how Stone Mountain Park’s Rock Line Railroad operates.

Witness live, interactive demonstrations and signaling techniques led by our engineer. Discover what a diesel-electric locomotive is, when it was built and how it generates enough power to pull over 350 tons! Then climb aboard the train for a tour around the base of the mountain learning about the Georgia Railroad, the transport of Stone Mountain granite, and how to engineer a train through Stone Mountain terrain. Also included is a self-guided tour of Discovering Stone Mountain Museum, which features 12,000 years of Stone Mountain history including two Civil War exhibits.

Dates Available: March - November, Monday - Friday on "Attractions Open" Days

Times Available: 10:00 a.m.

Recommended Grade Levels: 4th grade and Up 

Georgia Standards of Excellence: S4P3, S8P2, S8P3, S8P4, S8P5, SS4E1, SS4H5, SS8H4, SS8H5, SS8E1, SS5G2, MGSEK.OA.1, MGSEK.NBT.1, MGSEK.MD.1, MGSEK.MD.2, MGSE5.NBT.2, MGSE5.NF.2, MGSE6.NS.1, MGSE6.NS.2, MGSE7.RP.1, MGSE7.RP.2, MGSE8.F.2, MGSE8.EE.3


Adventure Pass

Program + All-Attractions Pass

Includes the field trip, exciting attractions, and more! Check calendar for individual attraction hours and show times.


Meal Not Included


Price does not include tax

Program + All-Attractions PassAdult or Child


Summit Skyride

Program + 1 Attraction

Includes the field trip plus one additional attraction. Choose from the Summit Skyride, Scenic Railroad, or Mini-Golf.


Meal Not Included

Price does not include tax

Program + 1 AttractionAdult or Child


Program Only

Includes the field trip only.

Meal Not Included

Price does not include tax

Program OnlyAdult or Child



Group tickets are non-refundable.

Stone Mountain Park operates rain or shine. *Prices above do not include sales tax and are subject to change without notice. All Field Trip All orders are subject to a service charge of $10.00. Late payments received less than 21 days prior to your visit date will be subject to an additional $10.00 rush fee, totaling $20.00. No Individual Tickets are available for the 4-D Theater or special event shows or activities. Attractions operate on a seasonal schedule; please check operating hours prior to your scheduled visit for a complete list of attractions. Some demonstrations and attractions may be substituted without notice due to crowd conditions, inclement weather or maintenance. 

To make your visit more enjoyable, make sure to check out information on Arrivals and FAQs.

For further information or to make your reservation, please contact the Group Sales Department at 770-498-5636 or email