Field Trip FAQs

Field Trip FAQs

How many chaperones are required?

Stone Mountain Park requires one chaperone for every 10* students. One teacher or adult chaperone is admitted free with every 10 student tickets purchased. 

Where does a Stone Mountain Park field trip fit into my curriculum?

There are no set rules about when to schedule a field trip in relation to your course study.  Many teachers effectively use the trip as a culminating activity based on a unit of Georgia History, the Civil War, WWII or the natural sciences. Stone Mountain Park offers several GSE aligned field trips in the STEM curriculums, plus access to our many great attractions and picnic area. Our field trips provide hands on, experiential learning to complement your curriculum.

The Historic Square at Stone Mountain Park is the perfect place to introduce your students to Georgia history. Here they can learn about Colonial Georgia, Antebellum Life or the Civil War in Georgia. These programs are set among a collection of historically restored authentic buildings relocated from around the state, which date from the late 1700’s through the turn of the 20th century. All three programs are presented by period dressed educators and include interactive demonstrations with artifacts that the students can observe and touch. After the program, your students may self-guide through this historic collection of 18 plus buildings, which are all appointed with furnishings and antiques of their time period. Each program also includes a visit to our Farmyard where students can interact with friendly farm animals while learning about the roles the animals played in the lives of the people.

The Historic Square also features the Native American Festival & Pow-Wow – the largest Native American event in Georgia in the fall. This event showcases Native American culture through dance, music, authentic craft demonstrations, cooking traditions, storytelling, wildlife presentations and more.

You may also choose to take your students back in time with Rosie The Riveter program which will introduce your students to the efforts and sacrifices of American civilians on the World War II home front, including the important role played by American women. Through a classroom presentation, authentic WWII military artifacts and a historic video, students will learn of the many industries in which women played a new role.

Last but not least, your students can discover what a diesel-electric locomotive is and how it operates. Our engineer will bring out our diesel-electric engine for your class and lead them through various demonstrations and signaling techniques along with history on the Georgia Railroad in the Stone Mountain Railroad - “The Rock Line” program.

No matter when you choose to bring your class to Stone Mountain Park, our educational and fun field trip programs will bring your classroom studies to life!

How can I find out what programs are offered for the grade level I teach?

We offer many types of educational programs for all grade levels. All of our programs align with the Georgia Standards of Excellence. Each program lists the applicable Georgia Standards of Excellence.

How do I schedule a Stone Mountain Park field trip?

Follow these easy steps to schedule your field trip!

  1. Select a date and a program that you would like to bring your group to Stone Mountain Park! It is helpful to have a couple of backup dates in mind, just in case we happen to be very busy on certain dates.
  2. Contact the Group Sales office by calling 770-498-5636, email us at or fill out a request form.
  3. Payment in full must be received at least 21 days in advance of your visit (30 days in advance of the Native American Festival & Pow Wow). Payments can be made by credit card, check, or school purchase order! This is an essential step to ensuring your reservation.

How far in advance do reservations need to be made?

The earlier, the better, as some dates are very popular and will sell out quickly. Field trips need to be scheduled and booked a minimum of 3 weeks (21 days) prior to your visit and 30 days in advance for the Native American Festival & Pow Wow. This can be done by calling the Group Sales office at 770-498-5636, emailing us at or filling out a request form.

Can I change the date of my group’s field trip?

Please contact our office at 770-498-5636 to change your visit date. Changes to reservations that involve a field trip program must be made at least two weeks prior to your visit date and are only possible based on availability.

How much do Stone Mountain Park field trips cost?

The cost depends on the program your school chooses. You can view more information about programs and prices here.

How and when do I pay for my Stone Mountain Park field trip?

Payment in full is due no later than 21 days prior to your visit date. Payment will NOT be accepted at the Ticket Plaza. Reservations not paid in full by 21 days prior to your visit date will be cancelled without prior notification.

Stone Mountain Park accepts company checks, money orders and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover). Personal checks are not accepted.

Check Payment: Stone Mountain Park only accepts business/school checks or money orders at least 21 days in advance of your visit. Checks will not be valid as payment within 21 days of your visit. Checks and money orders can be mailed to Group Sales at P.O. Box 871008, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087.

Please review the information below regarding tax exempt payment procedures. The following documents are required for tax exemption by the State of Georgia. We encourage you to print off the steps below and use it a checklist to ensure that all of your paperwork has been submitted correctly.

Government agencies within the state of Georgia (state, county, city governments, school districts)

  • Step 1: Submit a current and completed GA ST-5 form for your school or organization upon booking your reservation. Email to or fax to 770-413-5154.
  • Step 2: Submit a signed & approved Purchase Order. After we have reviewed and accepted your purchase order, a paid in full booking confirmation will be emailed to you. Additions made after this step will require a revised purchase order. You cannot decrease your numbers after a completed Purchase Order is received by SMP. Email to or fax to 770-413-5154.
  • Step 3: Final payment must be made in the form of an organization check, as required by the State of Georgia. Credit cards, cash or personal checks will not be accepted for reservations made by government agencies. Please mail the check to: Stone Mountain Park Group Sales, P.O. Box 871008, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087. Checks must be made out for the exact amount on the purchase order.

Other organizations exempt from Georgia state sales tax

  • Step 1: Submit exemption document such as a current, completed GA ST-5 form or Letter of Authorization for your school or organization upon booking your reservation. Email to or fax to 770-413-5154.
  • Step 2: Final payment must be made at least 21 days prior to your event date. Payment may be made in the form of company checks, money orders and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover). Personal checks are not accepted.


All payments received are non-refundable.

Can we bring lunch to Stone Mountain Park?

You may bring your lunch to Stone Mountain Park, but areas to sit and eat may be limited. Unfortunately, we cannot store lunches or reserve space for groups to eat lunch. We offer several picnic areas available on a first come, first serve basis - the Studdard Picnic Area and the Triangle Picnic Area. Stone Mountain Park also offer group meal options.

What happens in the event of rain or severe weather on the day of my trip?

Stone Mountain Park is a rain or shine venue! Your field trip will take place as scheduled. Some elements of our programs may take place outdoors. Please ensure that children have proper attire for the weather. Refunds will not be issued for inclement weather.

How much is parking?

Buses/motor coaches traveling with a group with pre-paid tickets must present a final booking confirmation showing payment has been made to have the parking permit fee waived. If the final booking confirmation is not presented, $20 fee will be charged. Public/private schools or government buses with a permanent logo or name printed on the vehicle will have parking permit fee waived.

Personal or private vehicles traveling with a school or tour group are required to purchase a daily parking permit  ($20 per vehicle) or have an annual parking pass. This includes chaperone vehicles.