Team Building

Stone Mountain Park is fortunate to have some of the best facilities available in the Metro Atlanta Area for Team Building. Centered on Sky Hike, a ropes course that is set high among the Georgia Pines, Stone Mountain Park’s Team Building program creates an exciting environment that serves as a foundation for a healthy work life. Our Team Building program uses tools that draw people out of their comfort zones ad into teachable moments that underscore rich practices that can invoke lasting change. Participants will not just gain understanding but will gain the ability to take away practical application. Sky Hike facilitators will be on hand to ensure that the journey taken will impact productivity as well as personal satisfaction in the work place. Every experience can tie back into life lessons that can make a mark on the way we conduct business. That is what makes Stone Mountain Park’s Sky Hike Team Building unique.

Sky Hike Team Building Programs Include (download full description):

  • Rainer Team Building Program
  • Kilimanjaro Team Building Program
  • Everest Team Building Program
  • K-2 Team Building Program

Each of the Sky Hike Team Building Programs will offer the following:

  1. Affirm goals
  2. Ice breakers and warm up
  3. Engage in work as a team
  4. Process and apply

Each Team Building program will begin with reviewing the stated goals. It is important that your team understands the direction in which they are headed. The “Play or Stay” standard is introduced here and is where team members’ gifts and skills are affirmed and their choice to play or not play is respected. Ice Breakers allow for warm up and to break out into the chosen program plan. Each program is developed to increase in intensity as the day progresses. Whichever Team Building program your group does, it will be an engaging experience as they work through various program components together. Program components include:

Sky Play

Sky Play is an open course that will allow individuals of the team to explore the levels of the Sky Hike that intrigues them. Sky Play is a loose time that is built more around the camaraderie and encouragement than achievement. This is best for large teams that spend a longer period of time on assessments and initiatives.

Sky Mission

Sky Mission consists of the team being broken into several groups. Each sub-team will be given a mission to complete in the sky. The teams will be on Sky Hike at once attempting to complete the mission assignments. Creativity, communication and speed will be rewarded as teams stretch to accomplish their Mission in the Sky. Time as well as the most completed Mission Accomplished Cards will determine the winning team.

Sky Race

Sky Race simply divides the team in half and races through the selected section of Sky Hike. Check points must be passed for the team’s time to be certified by the Team Building facilitator.

Sky Hunt

Sky Hunt is a type of a scavenger hunt in the course. However, it’s unlike any scavenger hunt that you’ve ever done! Your team will engage in a ring toss from the very top of Sky Hike, fire Nerf rockets and assemble puzzles (but not before finding the pieces). Your team may even be tossed a Lego building block project. Each clue sends the team to a different part of the course or gives them a different task to accomplish before the next phase of the hunt will be revealed. According to the goals that your team has established teams can be either small or large.

Sky Challenge

Sky Challenge is the elite experience that will push a team and its members to their limit. The entire team will complete each section of Sky Hike, along with a Summit Assignment. Upon completion, the team will be awarded the Sky Hike Summit Award and added to the Summit Society. Each team in the Summit Society will earn a place on a plaque that will be prominently displayed near the Sky Hike entrance for all to see.

The day wouldn’t be complete without taking a serious look at application and that will take place during your team’s wrap-up. All of the notes from a day of assessments and play will be poured into a plan that fosters action accountability.

Assessments Available For Your Team

  1. Conflict resolution
  2. RightPath 4 or 6, DISC, Meyers-Briggs — these focus on behaviors and personalities.
  3. Belbin Team Survey — takes a look at the different roles that people play on teams.
  4. Team Profiles — a compilation of the individual assessments and reflects more technical dynamics.

Your team will also benefit from additional tools that will be used that can measure motivation, delegation skills and coaching skills.

Stone Mountain Park’s Sky Hike Team Building programs are prepared to meet your team’s needs. Your program will be executed with your goals in mind.

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