Galactic Snow Tubing

Tickets go on sale Fall 2018! 

NEW! A completely unique Snow Mountain experience: Galactic Snow Tubing! 

Galactic Snow Tubing

How is Galactic different than regular Snow Mountain?

Galactic tubing is an immersive nighttime experience starting at 5:30pm with great music, laser beams overhead and high-powered LED lights dancing all around to the beat of the music.

Lights and Lasers
We've added not 1, not 2, not 3….but 22 full color changing, high powered LED lights to the Snow complex. All lights will be focused on the snow lanes and various ramps. These lights are programmed to react to the bass in the music, changing Red, Green, Blue and White in color. We have also placed full color laser systems at the base of mountain to create amazing effects over the snow hill. The multi-colored beams fan and sweep overhead, providing guests with a uniquely galactic tubing experience.

We’ve selected over 3 hours of top 40 contemporary remix music to create a high energy and engaging environment. You’ll feel like you have your own personal DJ as you tube along with your friends to and family to artists including Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, and Ed Sheeran.

If I buy a regular Snow Mountain ticket, is Galactic tubing included?

Snow tubing sessions are in available in 2-hour increments that begin every half hour. As long as part of your tubing session crosses into 5:30pm, galactic tubing will be a part of your experience. Think of Galactic tubing like Cosmic Bowling - After 5:30 pm, the galactic fun begins! 

Is there an additional charge for Galactic tubing?

No, there is no additional charge for Galactic Tubing. As long as part of your 2-hour tubing session crosses into 5:30pm, you will get a galactic tubing experience!

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