Career Path

Below is a typical career path for an employee at Stone Mountain Park. Employees are hired at all different levels.

Team Member - 
This role is typically a seasonal, part-time, entry-level position. Most departments have multiple needs for team members.

Assistant Lead - 
This is the first level supervisory position for Stone Mountain Park. This role is typically part-time, year round and has supervisory duties over one location. This role will assist a Lead with ensuring overall guest and employee satisfaction.

Lead - 
This role is typically part-time, year round charged with the overall day-to-day responsibility for one location.

Area Lead - 
This position has supervisory responsibility for more than one location in a department. The Area Lead can be classified as an hourly part-time or full-time employee.

Supervisor - 
The Supervisor is a full-time, exempt leader over multiple areas within a department. Functions include planning, staffing, processes improvement, budget management, continued guest satisfaction and daily operations.

Manager - 
This full-time, exempt and professional-level position is responsible for an entire department's staffing, operations, administration, and financial management.

Director - 
The Director is a full-time, exempt and executive-level leader with overall responsibilities for multiple departments at Stone Mountain Park initiating strategic plans consistent with corporate goals and objectives.