Fun Ideas and Games for Stone Mountain Camping Trips

Camping is not only a time to explore nature, but also a time to get away from social media and electronics. When you’re looking for things to do in Atlanta, look in your own backyard, or ours that is! To help you and your family put your devices aside for your next camping trip at Stone Mountain Park, we comprised a list of fun games to initiate family bonding time! We’ve discussed, in detail, the rules of each game, so you can get started as soon as you get to the park.

What’s better is that all of these games and equipment are available to purchase at the Stone Mountain Park Campground General Store!

This game, similar to baseball, can be played between 2 to 10 players. There are three different zones in Wiffle Ball. When you hit the ball into the single zone, you advance one base. When you hit the ball further into the double zone, the batter runs two bases. A triple run is three bases and hitting the ball outside of the triple zone is a home run.

Unlike baseball, players are not allowed to steal bases, and you only get out if you are struck out or if your hit is caught. The team who scores the most after six innings wins! A Wiffle Ball set, along with base markers, can be found at the General Store.

Stone Mountain Campground already has a court set up on the campgrounds. You can play with 2 to 4 players or have teams of two. Usually, players stand between 27 to 37 ft. away from the stake, but you can be closer if you are playing with younger children.

The first player throws two horseshoes. The goal is to try to ring or hook the horseshoe to the stake at both ends, which equals 3 points. You can also score one point for horseshoes that lean on the stake or come within six inches of the stake. When you are scoring, if your opponent scores a ringer on top of yours, the points cancel each other out, and no points are gained. The team or player who scores 40 points first wins!

This game is suitable for larger families or with a group of people. This game is also similar to baseball. The field is set up in a diamond shape with objects or the Wiffle Ball bases available in the store. You need both a catcher and a pitcher and some outfielders when playing. When kicking a pitch, the ball has to touch home plate before it’s kicked. Each inning switches places after three outs, with a total of six innings. Whoever scores the most wins! Swing by the General Store Outdoor to purchase rubber balls.

Frisbee only needs a few players, and you can toss the disc to one another. Or, you can mix it up by playing Frisbee Golf, and get some marked baskets to use as the “holes”. Like golf, the goal is to take the smallest number of attempts to toss the Frisbee in the basket. Whoever scores the least amount of points wins. Frisbees are available to purchase at the general store at Atlanta’s top campground. No trip is complete without a souvenir and Frisbee’s also make a perfect one.

This classic game is also suitable for a larger group camping together. Each team has a total of up to six players. Preferably, three team members in the back and three in the front. The first team serves the volleyball and the opposite team is allowed three hits to get it back over the net. The teams keep passing it over to one another until it touches the ground or goes out of bounds. The team keeps serving until they miss the ball and then it switches servers. Points can only be made by the serving team, and whoever reaches 25 points first wins. Volleyballs are also available in the General Store.

This simple game just needs a deck of cards and some spoons. Each player is dealt four cards. Place the spoons in the center of the playing area. If six people are playing, you want to have five spoons so that someone will not get a spoon and be out.

The first player draws a card, discards it to the left, and then each player picks up the discard on the right. This continues until someone gets four of a kind. Then, that player secretly picks up one spoon. As soon as the person takes the spoon, all the players want to do the same. Whoever does not get a spoon is out. Continue playing until there is a winner!

Comprise a list of items to find at the park. Items can be simple like a pine cone or a leaf, or harder to find like a worm or a four-leaf clover. You can divide into groups or break up individually to look for the items on the list within the set time. Whoever finds the most items from the list is the winner!

Next time you’re at Stone Mountain Park Campground, try out these game ideas to keep your family entertained!