The Ultimate Yurt Camping Checklist

All You Need to Know About Camping in a Yurt at Stone Mountain Park

Camping with family members or friends is such a memorable experience. Being outdoors, enjoying nature, and getting away from the busyness of everyday life is refreshing, but if you dislike the idea of setting up your own tent or just want more creature-comforts, then you will want to give yurt camping a try!

If you’re looking for things to do in Atlanta, renting a yurt at Stone Mountain Park is a great way to make family memories. Yurt camping is a great way to get away and experience the pleasures of camping without all of the preparation work. Plus, you can ensure that you won't get rained out in the middle of the night. To help you prepare for your upcoming yurt camping trip is a list of necessities below.

Lake Activities

If you plan on kayaking, paddle boarding, or doing some type of water activity on your trip, in addition to sun wear you will need life preservers, sunscreen, and towels. The Stone Mountain Lake at the campground is a great spot for fishing, so packing fishing poles and bait is beneficial. Bait is also available at the Campground General Store.

Sleeping Accommodations

Although the yurts at the campground provide comfortable beds, you will still need to provide sleeping bags, pillows and linens. The yurts do not have bathrooms inside, but the bathhouse is conveniently locate just steps away. Make sure you bring a flashlight for nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Eating and Cooking

Bring plenty of water bottles and an ice chest with food and snacks. Some easy meal ideas are hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. Additionally, you will need wood/charcoal and a lighter for a fire pit, as well as plastic ware and napkins for eating. If you plan on bringing your own propane stove and pots and pans, bring a sponge and dish soap for washing dishes. A percolator, which is another way to brew coffee, is always an extra bonus to have on-hand in the morning. And, most percolators do not require electrical outlets but can be placed directly on a fire pit.

Relaxing Outside

You may want to include extra outside lounge chairs on your packing list as well as a small travel table to set food or drinks on. It’s always entertaining to have board games or playing cards, so an extra portable table is useful. Bringing bug repellent is handy to avoid getting bit up while you are outside at dusk, as well as a light jacket for evenings since it can get cool even in the summer months.

Hiking and Trails

Stone Mountain Park has over 15 miles of wooded hiking trails as well as a 5-mile paved loop around the base of the mountain. If you have small children, it may be helpful to take a simple stroller or a baby carrier for exploring the grounds, or some bikes and helmets for a leisurely ride around the park.


Before you plan your packing list, it is important that you research your camping site first so you know what to bring, what type of amenities are included and how the camping area is set up so that you can be adequately prepared. For example, Stone Mountain Park has much more to offer than camping including numerous family-friendly attractions. Plus, as an added bonus, the campground site is located within 3200 acres of gorgeous scenery and includes an outdoor pool that is free to campers, a general store for snacks and supplies, and washers and dryers on-site.

Finally, make sure you book your trip in advance, especially in the summer months, so that you can be sure to secure a spot before the campground fills up. So if you want the advantages of camping without the challenges of setting up camp, venture out and go yurt camping!