5 Ideas to Get the Most out of Your Event Budget

When searching for a corporate event venue in Atlanta, budget is always at the forefront of event planners’ minds. It’s become the norm for you to do more with less. Planners are resourceful by nature and are always looking for creative ways to cut costs.

The concept of buy one get one free can be implemented by planners when booking vendors and venues. Rather than negotiating pricing for one event, tell your contact you’re interested in using the space for a future conference. She may come down on price by giving you a bundled deal.

Having a clear understanding of what’s negotiable and what’s set in stone can save your bottom line substantially. For example, typically venues have a food and beverage minimum, as well as hotel and conference room rates that are non-negotiable. On the other hand, it’ll be worth your time to research days, times, and locations. You’ll uncover where there’s room for savings.

This tip isn’t as obvious as it sounds! It’s no secret that the best way to grow your budget is by having more attendees. Without an inviting and relevant title, no one will be interested in coming. If you don’t know what your target audience values, do a little market research by distributing a survey. Their input can contribute to not only your event’s theme, but also keynote speakers, session topics, and exhibitors. The more interested they are in attending, the more money that goes back in to your pocket.

If you throw a shower for a friend or family member, the cost decreases significantly when you plan it with a co-host. The same goes for corporate events. Collaborate with another planner on an existing event that’s in the works. However, this could be difficult to pull off without careful consideration of the relationships in place. You’ll need to check that the venue and vendors can cater to more than one group at once.

If startup companies cannot afford to pay staff full salary, they may offer the employee company shares or even ownership in exchange for their work. You could consider this approach for attendees who are interested in attending but can’t afford a ticket. People are always looking for free or discounted tickets, so rather than turning them away, offer them a job. You may find you need extra hands to scan tickets, work exhibit booths, or perform miscellaneous tasks.

Staying on budget is one of the ways to measure event success. Be sure to read our post about the 6 Ways to Measure Event Success.

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