4 Key Ingredients to a Successful Meeting

If you’re searching for a corporate event venue in Atlanta, you have much more to consider than your event itinerary, classes, and featured presentations. This is especially the case if your event is optional for your employees or franchise partners. Below are four key ingredients to consider for a successful meeting or event.

First and foremost, your location must be easily accessible. Whether your attendees are flying internationally or regionally, there should be a nearby airport. While your event venue doesn’t necessarily need to be in the heart of the city, it needs to be close enough that attendees can travel to within a reasonable amount of time. Also, consider locations that provide swift airport riding services, or kick it up a notch by arranging complimentary pick-up and drop-off on the primary arrival and departure dates. You might be surprised that many of your attendees will choose not to rent a vehicle.

Even if you’re hosting an annual conference, each year should have a designated theme. This theme can be used to help select event activities, speakers, decorations, and maybe even some of your catering decisions. Be creative when naming your theme, as the theme will help garner excitement and increase attendance.

For a meeting to be memorable, there should be opportunities outside of lectures and small breakout sessions. Break up the monotony by scheduling on and off-site networking and team building activities throughout the conference. For this very reason, many companies choose resort hotels that have a variety of event spaces. Many venues have a selection of large group activities that they can facilitate and are happy to provide the services required for your team building activities. This could be anything from a black-tie annual awards ceremony to a casual mixer, hands-on activity, or off-site charity project.

Your hotel and venue should align with your company culture and deliver a positive attendee experience. For example, if you are a health and fitness company, find a corporate event venue in Atlanta that can accommodate physical fitness beyond the on-site gym. You could reserve space for outdoor yoga, recreational activities, hiking, or golfing.

In addition, anticipate the menu and concierge services your attendees will desire. Be sure to read about The Importance of Food and Beverage at Your Event. If you will be bringing in outside speakers, ensure they are in line with your visions and values, and that their speeches will support your conference’s theme or brand initiatives.

Your event venue will play a vital role in the success of your conference, so take your time in identifying the perfect location. You will find just that at the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott located right on the outskirts of Atlanta. We’re nestled in the heart of Stone Mountain Park with easy access to nearby recreational facilities, outdoor bonding activities, and indoor conference space. Give us a call at 770-879-9900. to speak with someone today about your next corporate event!