Walk-Up Trail to Top of Stone Mountain

Guests that want a little more adventure during their visit should take the 1 mile trek to the top of the mountain. 

The trail is open daily from dawn to dusk, unless otherwise posted. Just follow the painted yellow line and enjoy the unique scenery and spectacular views. Restrooms, a snack bar and souvenirs are located in the building on top of the mountain and are accessible during operating hours for the Summit Skyride.

While on top, 1,686 feet above sea level, enjoy amazing views of downtown Atlanta, the North Georgia mountains and the surrounding area. On a haze-free day, you can see 60 miles from the mountain.

Please Note:
  • Emergency call boxes are located along the trail and in the parking lot.
  • Pets are not allowed on the Walk-Up Trail.
  • This trail is not recommended for people with limiting physical conditions and is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Appropriate footwear should be worn.
  • The mountain is very slippery when wet.
  • If you walk to the top of the mountain and ride down on the Summit Skyride, you will need to walk the 1.1 miles back to the Confederate Hall parking lot.
  • If you ride to the top of the mountain on the Summit Skyride and walk down the trail to Confederate Hall, you will need to walk the 1.1 miles back to the Summit Skyride Area.