SMP Historic Pass App

Take a self guided tour around Stone Mountain Park’s natural areas and discover colorful stories, legends, imagery and interesting facts about Stone Mountain Park. This easy to navigate guide will "edu-tain" you about Stone Mountain, its history, its beauty and the numerous people who have lived and worked there. Below are the instructions on how to start your historic adventure:

  1. Download the NEW! SMP Historic Pass App


  2. Once downloaded enter the username and password found in the daily Stone Mountain Park Map & Schedule. Username and password are subject to change.
  3. Choose the tour you wish to take (Historic Landmarks or Historic Square) and enjoy!

Historic Pass

Historic Pass

Reach the top of Stone Mountain on Summit Skyride, discover artifacts and stories spanning 12,000 years at Memorial Hall Museum, and take a self-guided tour through a collection of original Georgia homes and antiques at the Historic Square & Farmyard. Check calendar for available Historic Pass days. 

Meal Not Included


Available select dates March thru May

Adult or Child(Meal not included)