Farmyard at Historic Square

Come meet our furry (and not so furry) friends!

Visit the Farmyard inside Historic Square and get up close with our soft sheep, playful pigs, and goofy goats! Turtles and rabbits have also joined the crew and are available to view seasonally. Enjoy opportunities to pet the animals, work with our trainers, and learn about animal behavior and the role of livestock in early Georgia life.

Special Attraction Information: Guests who have recently traveled outside the US and have recently been in contact with foreign livestock are restricted from visiting the Farmyard. The Farmyard is subject to close during inclement weather conditions. For more specific information please see our Park Accessibility Guide.

This attraction is included with All-Attractions Passes, Pre-K Passes and annual Mountain Memberships.Please check calendar for dates and hours of operation prior to your visit.




Daily or Annual Parking Permit required for Park entry.

Have you ever seen a goat do tricks?

When you think of animals that can do tricks, goats probably aren't the first to come to mind, but they are actually very intelligent!

Each of our goats at the farmyard has a unique personality and while some learn better than others, we think they're all pretty amazing! You can come see our goats do a number of tricks including hoop jumping, navigating an obstacle course, and even waving goodbye!

Our goats are specially trained to perform in a new show available select dates. Please refer to our Map and Schedule for more information.

Goat tricks at the Farmyard