Discovering Stone Mountain Museum at Memorial Hall

Sacred ground, landmark, refuge, meeting place, home: Stone Mountain has been many things to many people. Discovering Stone Mountain Museum features artifacts and stories that span 12,000 years, from ancient civilizations that lived on the mountain to the present-day park. Learn about Native Americans and pioneer settlers. See how the community was affected by the Civil War and how Stone Mountain granite helped build the local economy.

The carving on Stone Mountain is the largest relief carving in the world. Learn how it came to be through exhibits featuring original designs, scale models and the 11-minute feature film The Men Who Carved the Mountain. Stand beside full-scale replicas of some of the elements of the carving while enjoying a grand view of the memorial itself.

This attraction is included with All-Attractions Passes, Pre-K Passes and annual Mountain Memberships. Please check calendar for dates and hours of operation prior to your visit.




Daily or Annual Parking Permit required for Park entry.