Dinosaur Explore

Dinos go extinct November 4, 2018. 

Extinct from Earth for millions of years, 14 species of prehistoric dinosaurs have made their way to Stone Mountain Park. This prehistoric creature collection features more than 20 life-size dinosaurs with special effects allowing them to move and roar just like their ancient ancestors. Families will wander down the shaded gravel path, hidden among the trees and find their favorites among them including the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex, often referred to as the king of the dinosaurs. Two gentle, plant-eating brachiosaurus tower above guests over 20 feet tall and 33 feet long. The collection also includes the three-horned triceratops, a ferocious allosaurus, a winged pteranodon and many more scientifically accurate species.

One of the favorite interactions of the day will be with the baby dinosaurs. Get an up close look at the baby dinosaurs while you gently pet them or pose for photos. You can also meet an adolescent dinosaur and experience a dinosaur training session. Our dino rangers work with the adolescent dinosaurs multiple times a day to get them ready to join the adults. They may even pose for photos, if they behave during training. 

Join in a dig and look for fossils from millions of years ago. If you are curious about dinosaur care and research, check out the Dinotorium for even more fun.


Dinosaur Explore is only available on "Attractions Open" days, and is included in an All-Attractions Pass and an annual Mountain Membership.
Please check calendar for dates and hours of operation prior to your visi



Daily or Annual Parking Permit required for Park entry.

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March 10 - December 31

These dinosaurs have been created by skilled artisans from Zigong City, in Sichuan Province, China. Zigong is the home of the Sichuan Zigong World Geographical Park and the site of the Dashanpu Dinosaur Fossil Park, as well as the Zigong Dinosaur Museum. Within China, Zigong is known as the "Dinosaur City" and we are pleased to share the dinosaur culture of the people of Zigong with our visitors.