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Customer Service Center

Daily, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET


Mailing Address

Stone Mountain Park
PO Box 778
Stone Mountain Park, GA 30086

Other Important Numbers

Campground: 770-498-5710 or 800-385-9807

Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort: 770-879-9900 or 888-670-2250

Marriott Stone Mountain Inn: 770-469-3311 or 888-670-2250

Public Safety Emergency: 770-413-5333

Public Safety Non-Emergency: 770-498-5675

Question Categories

Question Answers

Can I get directions to Stone Mountain Park? Does public transportation come to the Park?

Visit the Directions page for written directions to the Park.

Regarding public transportation, MARTA, Atlanta's public transportation service, does not provide transportation directly to Stone Mountain Park. It drops off in the city of Stone Mountain, about ½ mile from the Park’s West Gate. To contact MARTA, call 404-848-4711 or visit their website.

You may also wish to check with the hotel at which you are staying to see if they provide transportation for their guests. You may also contact a taxi service to see if they can provide transportation for you.

Local Taxis:
Atlanta Checkers Cab Co. Inc., (404) 351-1111
Atlanta Yellow Cab, (404) 521-0200
Decatur Yellow Cab, (404) 371-0776
Decatur's Best, (404) 289-6603

How big/tall is the mountain? How big is the Carving?

The mountain is 825 feet tall and covers 583 acres. The top of the mountain is 1,683 feet above sea level.
The entire carved surface of the Memorial Carving measures three acres, larger than a football field. The carving of the three men towers 400 feet above the ground, measures 90 by 190 feet, and is recessed 42 feet into the mountain. The deepest point of the carving is at Lee's elbow, which is 12 feet to the mountain's surface.

Where is Lost & Found for the Park?

Lost & Found items are turned in the following day to the Park’s Department of Public Safety (Police Department). You can contact them about your lost item at 770-498-5675.

Who are the three men on the Carving on the mountain?

The Memorial Carving depicts three Confederate heroes of the Civil War: Confederate President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and Lt. General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.

What is the physical address of the Park?

Due to its size, the Park has several physical addresses. For the easiest directions to the Park, it is best to visit our page with Written Driving Directions. Often, online mapping programs provide routes to the Park that are difficult to follow. If you do prefer to use a mapping program, our physical address is:

Stone Mountain Park
U.S. Highway 78 East, Exit 8
Stone Mountain, GA 30087


1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Are the attractions open year-round?

From Snow Mountain in January to Stone Mountain Christmas in December, and all of the months in between, Stone Mountain Park is open year-round. However, during the spring and fall some attractions may only be open on the weekends. Please visit the Calendar page for attraction availability on the date of your visit.

What is the Lasershow Schedule? Will there be a Lasershow on the date of my visit?

The Lasershow runs seasonally mid-April through October. Visit the Lasershow page for specific show dates and times.

What time do the Park Gates open? What time do the attractions open?

Park Gates are open daily, 5:00 a.m. to Midnight. Attraction hours vary. Visit the Calendar page for attraction hours on the day of your visit.

What Special Events will be occurring on the date of my visit?

Visit the Calendar page and click onthe date of your visit and then select the tab for "Day" to see a daily schedule of attractions and events.

Which attractions will be open on the date of my visit?

Visit the Calendar page and click onthe date of your visit and then select the tab for "Day" to see a daily schedule of attractions and events.

What does it cost to rent a campsite?

Campsite rentals generally range from $33 - $65 per night and vary based on the utilities offered and location within the campground. Monthly rates are also available. Please visit our campground pages for more information.

How can I make a Campground Reservation?

To make a Campground reservation, you can complete our Online Booking Form or call 800-385-9807 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

What hotels are inside the Park? How do I make a hotel reservation?

We have two hotels inside the Park – The Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort and the Marriott Stone Mountain Inn. 24-hour reservations are available at 888-670-2250.

What hotels are near the Park?

Several hotels are located just outside the Park, including:
Holiday Inn Express: 800-465-4329
Days Inn: 800-325-2525
Comfort Inn: 800-228-5150
Country Inn & Suites: 800-456-4000
All of these hotels are located in Stone Mountain, Georgia within 1 mile of Stone Mountain Park.

I am a food vendor. Can I participate or have a booth at your special events?

Stone Mountain Park has its own Food Service Department that operates most festival food locations. Currently, Stone Mountain Park is under contract with an outside food vendor and is not accepting applications for any of its upcoming events. We thank you for your interest.

Can I propose to my girlfriend/boyfriend in the Lasershow?

No. We cannot accommodate any kind of edits to the show content.

Can I get a list of songs that are in the Lasershow?
Visit our Lasershow page and click on "Lasershow Songs" when available.
What special events does the Park host?

Visit our Festivals & Events page to see brief event listings or a full calendar of events.

How can I be a crafter at the Yellow Daisy Festival?

Visit our Yellow Daisy Crafter page for information on the application process.

Where can I find information about the Chili Cook-Off?

The Chili Cook-Off has moved to a new venue. For more information, please visit

Where can I eat breakfast at the Park?

Breakfast is served at Waterside Restaurant at the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort and the Mountainview Restaurant at the Stone Mountain Inn.

What meals may I choose from with a meal ticket?

Hot Dog*
Pizza Slice (Cheese or Pepperoni)*
Chicken Sandwich*
Chef Salad
Chicken Strips Basket with french fries
BBQ Pulled Pork served with chips (seasonal)
BBQ Pulled Chicken served with chips (seasonal)
BBQ Pulled Nachos (seasonal)

All of these great meal choices available at Marketplace. Base Camp BBQ and Big Rock Café open seasonally.

*Visit Marketplace and choose a side of French fries, chips, or whole fruit.  Sides may vary at other restaurant locations.

Where can I eat inside the Park?

Visit our list of restaurants and food locations.

Can I bring alcohol to the Park?

Alcohol can be brought to the Park, but is not permitted on streets, in parking lots, or other posted areas. Those other areas include, but are not limited to, attractions, the Lasershow, Pavilions, the Special Events Meadow and the Walk-Up Trail. No glass containers are allowed.

Are there clothing guidelines at Stone Mountain Park?

To preserve our family atmosphere, proper clothing is required including shirts and shoes (sandals or flip-flops are acceptable - but note that on some attractions closed-toe shoes may be required ). Clothing with offensive words and/or pictures will not be permitted inside the Park. Stone Mountain Park reserves the right to require additional or different attire where we deem appropriate. Should a guest refuse to comply with our requests, the guest will be politely asked to leave the property.

How do I request a donation from Stone Mountain Park?

Each year, we are asked to support hundreds of worthwhile charitable causes.  While we make every effort to accommodate as many requests as possible, we are simply unable to fulfill them all based on the volume we receive. Click here to submit a donation request. 

Am I allowed to fly a drone in Stone Mountain Park?

All unmanned aircraft including model airplanes, quadcopters, drones and model helicopters are prohibited at Stone Mountain Park. For further information on this park ordinance, please visit the Stone Mountain Memorial Association's website at

Can I bring my own food to the Lasershow?

Yes. You can bring your own food to the Lasershow and picnic on Memorial Lawn prior to the show. Do not bring glass containers, alcohol, or grills, as they are not allowed on the Lawn.

I lost my Mountain Membership cards. How do I get them replaced?

Lost Cards can be replaced at Guest Services located in Crossroads. Replacement fee for lost cards is $10.00 per card. Members may also purchase temporary Adventure Pass wristbands for the day for a charge of $1.00 per wristband.

Can I bring my own food inside the Park and have a picnic?

Yes. You can bring your own food into the Park for a picnic, however, no outside caterers are allowed in the Park.

Can I come to the Park to take pictures for my wedding/engagement or film a commercial/movie/documentary at the Park?

In order to film or take photos at Stone Mountain Park companies/individuals must first obtain approval from the Park. Due to the volume of requests about filming and photography on-Park, all requests must be submitted in writing at least 14 days prior to the shoot. In most cases, the Park does charge a location fee. Rates vary according to scope and details of specific projects. There is also a location fee for wedding-related photography (unless the wedding/reception is being held at Stone Mountain Park).
To submit your request, e-mail or fax 770-498-5735. Your Memo/Letter should detail date and time of shoot, crew size, number of vehicles entering Park, desired location(s) for filming/photography, Start/End times and list of equipment to be used during shoot. Also, include how the photos/film will be used.

Can I bring my pet to Stone Mountain Park? Can my pet go anywhere in the Park? Do you have boarding facilities available?

Only dogs and cats are welcome to visit the Park. They must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet and they are not allowed in many of the public areas including the Lasershow Lawn, the Walk Up Trail, or Special Events Areas. Pets also are not allowed on the attractions. We do not have animal boarding at Stone Mountain Park. However, you may contact the Stone Mountain Vets at 770-469-6112 or Main Street Veterinarians at 770-498-4620. These organizations provide boarding for animals and are located close to Stone Mountain Park. However, these organizations are not affiliated with or endorsed by Stone Mountain Park.

Do you rent strollers or wheelchairs at the Park?

Yes. Strollers, manual wheelchairs, and electronic controlled vehicles (ECV's) are available for rent at the Adventure Center with a valid state or federal identification. Credit card is required for wheelchair rentals. Wheelchair, ECV, and stroller quantities are limited and subject to availability.

How do I replace my parking permit?

Parking Permits will be replaced at no charge if half of the old pass with the month shown is scraped off the window and returned to us. If your car was totaled or you do not have the pieces of the old pass, you can bring in a bill of sale or accident report to receive another permit.
If none of this documentation can be provided, replacement parking permits will be $40 each. These may be purchased at the Main Entrance Gate to the Park or at the Main Ticket Plaza.

Can I host a family reunion at the Park?

Yes. Visit our Family Reunion page for additional details.

Does Stone Mountain Park have field trip programs?

Yes. Visit our Field Trip page to learn about the different options and pricing for our School Programs.

Can I reserve a pavilion on July 4th?

Due to the heavy traffic and large crowds associated with the 4th of July weekend and holiday, we do not rent any of our Private Picnic Facilities, including the covered pavilions. They cannot be reserved over the July 4th weekend or on July 4th itself and we will not give anyone permission to use these facilities on these dates. While many of these covered pavilions may have been occupied on those dates in prior years, those guests did not have the facility reserved and did not have permission to use the facility.

Can I rent a pavilion, but bring my own food?

Yes. You would have to choose one of our two Non-Catered Pavilions, the Georgia or Virginia pavilions. No outside caterers are allowed inside the Park.

Can I reserve a pavilion? How much does it cost?

We have two types of pavilions at the Park. Most pavilions are Catered Pavilions and require that your event is catered by Stone Mountain Park. However, we do have two Non-Catered Pavilions that can be rented without Park Catering. Pricing varies according to the type of pavilion and day of the week.

Does the Park host weddings? Can I have my wedding on top of the mountain?

Yes, the Park hosts many weddings. You can find out additional information about our packages on our Wedding page.

Can I fish in the lake? Is there a fee for fishing? Is a license required?

Fishing is permitted on the lake; however, you must have a valid GA Fishing License. You must have a valid Georgia Fishing License. To purchase a Fishing License online, click here. We have five types of fish in the lake: bass, carp, crappie, catfish, and bream. 

How long is the road that goes around the base of the mountain?

Robert E. Lee Blvd, which circles the base of the mountain, is approximately 5 miles long. Traffic is one-way counter-clockwise on Robert E. Lee Blvd. on the back side of the mountain to allow for bikes and joggers/walkers.

Can I use my personal boat on the lake?

Private boats are allowed on the lake from May 1st - Sept. 30th on Mondays through Fridays (excluding holidays) during daylight hours and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays between the hours of 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.
From October 1st - April 30th, private boats are allowed to use the lake each day of the week during daylight hours.
Boats must be launched from the Public Boat Ramp located near the Evergreen Pavilion. Outboard motors in excess of 10 hp are not allowed on the lake. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any privately-owned boat.

Where can I have a picnic at the Park?

You are welcome to utilize one of our public picnic areas to have a picnic including the Studdard Picnic Area and Triangle Picnic Area. All of the covered pavilions are rental facilities and must be rented through our Park Sales Department. Call 770-498-5636 to rent a covered pavilion.

Do you have a playground at the Park?

Yes. The playground is located on Robert E. Lee Blvd approximately 3/4 mile past the West Gate of the Park. Use of the playground is free with your $10.00 vehicle fee to the Park.

Do you rent bicycles or scooters at the Park?

No, we do not offer bicycle or scooter rentals inside the park.

Can I ride my bike to the top of the mountain? Do you have mountain biking trails?

No. Bicycles are not allowed on the walk-up trail or on any of the hiking trails. We do not have any mountain biking trails inside the Park.

Can I swim in the lake?

No. Our greatest concern is for the safety of our guests. Because Stone Mountain Lake is a large, urban lake, it is subject to water quality issues, especially in the summer when high temperatures or heavy rain can drastically affect the water quality. Because real-time water quality tests are not available, we simply do not permit swimming in the lake.

Can I walk to the top of the mountain? How long is the trail to the top of the mountain? Are there bathrooms / snack bar on top of the mountain?

Visit our page on the Walk-Up trail for this information.

Do you have bike trails or somewhere for me to ride my bicycle at the Park?

Bicycles can be ridden along the roadways inside the Park. There is a dedicated bicycle lane on Robert E. Lee Blvd., on the back side of the mountain. Bikers must ride single file and follow all traffic laws.

What is the cost of the One-Day Adventure Pass? What is included in the One-Day Adventure Pass?

Visit the ticketing page for pricing and description of our Adventure Pass.

Do you offer a group rate on tickets?

Yes. Visit our Group Tickets page for additional information.

Can I pay individually for the attractions? What does the Skyride to the top of the mountain cost? What does the Train ride cost?

Yes. You can pay individually for all attractions except the 4D Theater. You must have a One-Day Adventure Pass or Mountain Membership to visit the 4D Theater.

How much does the Lasershow cost?

The Lasershow is free with your vehicle entrance fee to enter the Park. We do offer VIP Terrace Seating for an additional fee which offers the best view to enjoy the Lasershow.

Do you offer senior or military discounts on tickets to the Park?

Yes. On days when all attractions are open, we offer a discounted rate for Seniors or members of the military and their immediate family. Seniors save $3 off of the Adventure Pass and members of the military and their immediate family can purchase an Adventure Pass for $21.95 plus tax. To redeem visit the Ticket Plaza with a current I.D.

Does Stone Mountain have an annual pass? How much does it cost? What is included?

Yes. Actually, we have an annual attractions pass called the Mountain Membership. Visit the Mountain Membership page for more information as well as a list of additional benefits enjoyed by members.

We also offer a Mountain Membership Plus which offers even more great benefits. Details about Mountain Membership Plus are also on the Mountain Membership page.

What is the parking fee to enter the Park? Is this fee "per vehicle" or "per person"? What does this parking fee include? How much is bus parking?

Visit the Parking Information page for answers to each of the above questions.

Can I leave and return to the Park on the same day without having to pay the parking fee again?

Yes. The daily permit allows you entry and exit for the entire day, but does not guarantee re-entry. Please be aware that re-entry may be difficult on busy days, holidays or during large events. Free re-entry is not permitted during the Fantastic Fourth Celebration or Yellow Daisy Festival.

Do children require adult supervision?

Children under 16 require adult supervision.

Are there any height restrictions?

Avalanche Alley (family tubes) require a minimum height of 36" tall, and a maximum of 5 riders per tube. Tube Runners (single tubes) require a minimum height of 42" tall, and a maximum of 1 rider per tube.

Little Angels, located in the SnowZone, is designed for kids 3 and under. The max height is 42".  Penguin Run, also located in the SnowZone, is one step up with a max height of 54".

Are lockers available for Snow Mountain guests?

Yes. The park offers locker rentals ($5 for large, $3 for small).

What is the parking fee to enter the Park? Is this fee "per vehicle" or "per person"? What does this parking fee include? How much is bus parking?

Visit the Parking Information page for answers to each of the above questions.

How much are Snow Mountain Passes for adults and children?

Adult and children passes are $28 plus tax.  Children 2 and under are free - please check in at the measuring station (located behind Main Ticket Plaza) to get a "children 2 and under" snow tag.

What should I bring?

Don’t worry about buying or lugging snow gear, all you need for your tubing and snow play fun is included in the price of admission. For the safety of all Snow Mountain's guests, only park-provided equipment is allowed. You should consider dressing warmly for your snow outing and bringing a change of clothing in case you get wet.

What should I wear?

This is real snow! It is wet, cold and slippery. Enjoy your time at Snow Mountain by wearing warm, water-resistant clothes including gloves and boots. You might also consider covering ears with muffs or hats. Layering is also recommended. You might start out cold, but end up breaking a sweat as you play in the snow. Also consider bringing a change of clothing. Don’t own any winter gear? The park sells basic snow gear like hats, gloves and other winter staples at the Hat & Glove Cart.