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Park & Attraction Hours

Please check the calendar for the day you plan on visiting to view park hours and attraction openings.

Shows & Entertainment

Stone Mountain Park offers a variety of entertaining and interactive shows throughout the year. Our cast of characters will keep the young and the "young at heart" entertained.
  • Labor Day Weekend

    Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision®

    March 29 - October 25 Location: Memorial Lawn

    Catch the Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision® presented by Humana! This not-to-be missed Atlanta tradition promises to wow your family with state-of the-art digital graphics and awe-inspiring effects. Experience multi-dimensional magic on one of the world's largest outdoor screens - Stone Mountain.

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  • Big Thinkers Exploration Show

    NEW! Big Thinkers Science Exploration Show

    May 24 - August 03 Location: Magnolia

    Big ideas, big dreams, and big science collide as our demonstrators perform interactive science experiments that are sure to make your imagination take flight!

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  • Campers in the Mist

    Water Works

    May 24 - August 03 Location: Compass Point

    A leaky pipe has burst at Stone Mountain Park, and our own Water Works crew is called in to clean the mess. Come join the Boss, Larry, and Larry as they use the Geyser Flux 3000 to fix the pipe and end up with hilarious results! But watch out, you may get wet!

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  • Don't Scare the Bear

    NEW! Don't Scare the Bear!

    May 24 - August 03 Location: Azalea Stage

    The story of Goldilocks gets flipped on its head when three friends return home to find a bear sleeping under their roof! Uh oh! Help the hikers make friends with the unexpected guest the only way they know how: improv!

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  • Craftivity Camp

    Craftivity Camp

    May 24 - August 03 Location: Dogwood

    Calling all adventurers! Mark your maps for crafts and activities! Try your hand at fort building, music making, star gazing, and much more in this super cool summer camp. Go ahead and hit the trail!

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  • Adventure Tales

    Adventure Tales

    May 24 - August 03 Location: Campfire Corner

    Everyone will love to clap and laugh with our fearless adventurers as they spin tales of the remarkable things they've seen.

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  • Splash and Friends Summer Bash

    NEW! Splash and Friends Summer Bash

    May 24 - August 03 Location: Character Circle

    Splash the Duck returns with his friend Buddy the Bear for this meet n' greet! Stroll on down to flip a high five or bear hug these lovable mascots, and enjoy the Kodak moment in the making!

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