Historical Attraction Tours

Sacred ground, landmark, refuge, meeting place, home: Stone Mountain has been many things to many people. Discover the past and present of Stone Mountain through a customized Historical Tour.

The Historic Square
Stroll through over 100 years of Georgia history at the Historic Square. Original buildings, gardens, historic breed farm animals and the largest collection of 19th century antiques in the state tell the story of the diversity of life in the region from the colonial period through the Civil War and beyond.

Let Stone Mountain Park design a Historic Square visit for your group! Join a costumed historian who will bring the period of your choice to life with one of the following programs:

  • Colonial Georgia: What was Georgia like just after the American Revolution? Join us at the 18th century Thornton House and learn about the gentry, the backwoodsmen and their closest neighbors, the Cherokee and the Creek Indian nations.
  • Pioneer and Antebellum Life: Learn about the daily lives of residents from Georgia’s “Pioneer Period” up to the dawn of the Civil War.
  • Civil War in Georgia: This program highlights the Atlanta campaign and the effect of the war on civilians.

Pricing: Program Only - $16.00 (plus tax)
Program Requirement: A minimum of 20 attendees
Includes entrance to Discovering Stone Mountain Museum in Memorial Hall
Add a Historic Square Program to an Adventure Pass for an additional $9.00 (plus tax)

Discovering Stone Mountain Museum in Memorial Hall
Discovering Stone Mountain Museum features artifacts and stories that span 12,000 years, from ancient civilizations that lived on the mountain to the present-day park.

The Memorial on Stone Mountain is the largest relief carving in the world. Learn how it came to be through exhibits featuring original designs, scale models and the 11-minute feature film The Men Who Carved The Mountain. Stand beside full-scale replicas of elements of the carving while enjoying a grand view of the memorial itself.

The museum upstairs features the new permanent Civil War exhibit Memorial Inspiration: William and Helen Plane. With this exhibit you will learn the story of Confederate Captain, William Plane, killed at the battle of Antietam on the bloodiest day in American History and his remarkable wife, Helen, whose devotion to her husband and his cause inspired the creation of the Memorial Carving on Stone Mountain. In addition to the Plane exhibit is the ongoing permanent Civil War showcase also on display upstairs in the museum.

For additional information regarding Historic Attraction Tours at Stone Mountain Park, call Lynne Dundon at 800.401.2406 or email tourandtravel@stonemountainpark.com

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