History Programs at Historic Square

The Historic Square is the perfect place to introduce your students to Georgia history.

Here they can learn about Georgia's Colonial Life, Antebellum life or the Civil War all set among historically restored, preserved and relocated buildings from around the state. These historic buildings span over 100 years of Georgia history, from just after the American Revolution through the turn of the 20th century.

Three program topics are available:

  • Program 1: Colonial Georgia
    This program features a visit to the Revolutionary-era Thornton House and a look at what our state was like as America was becoming an independent nation. (SS2H1, SS2G2, SS2CG3, SS4H2, SS4H3, SS4G2, SS4CG5, SS4E1, SS8H1, SS8H2, SS8G1, SS8E1)

  • Program 2: Antebellum Life
    This very popular program focuses on daily activities of the pioneer and antebellum Georgians whose heritage we share. (SSKH3, SS1E2, SS1E3, SS2H1, SS4H3, SS4G2, SSUSH7)

  • Program 3: Civil War in Georgia
    This program highlights the Atlanta Campaign and the effect of the war on civilians. Included in this program is a self-guided tour of Discovering Stone Mountain Museum, which also features a Civil War exhibit. (SS5H1, SS8H6, SSUSH9)

All three programs include live, interactive demonstrations with authentic or reproduction artifacts from the period that the students can observe and touch. After the program, immerse your class in one of the largest collections of authentic 18th and 19th century buildings and artifacts in the state. All three programs also include a visit to our Farmyard where students can interact with friendly farm animals while learning about the roles the animals played in the lives of the people.

  • Days Available:  March - November, Monday - Friday

  • Times Available: 10:00 a.m. & 11:30 a.m.

  • Recommended Grade Levels: K and Up 

Program Only

Includes the field trip only.

Price does not include tax

Program OnlyAdult or Child


Summit Skyride

Program and 1 Attraction

Includes the field trip plus one additional attraction. Choose from the Summit Skyride, Scenic Railroad, or Mini-Golf.

Price does not include tax

Program + One AttractionAdult or Child


Adventure Pass

Program + Adventure Pass

Includes the field trip, exciting attractions, and more! Check calendar for individual attraction hours and show times.

Meal Not Included


Price does not include tax

Program + Adventure PassAdult or Child


Group tickets are non-refundable

"Our students attended the Colonial Georgia program and we loved it! The historians were very interesting. We learned a lot of new information, and I think the students enjoyed being able to hear it in the setting in which things would originally have taken place.”

Gina Ingram – 2nd & 3rd grade gifted teacher
Oakwood Elementary School

"We really enjoyed the Antebellum Life program. The students were very interested and engaged in the information and I was very satisfied with the educational content. The students liked the Petting Zoo and the Garden, but each place received great reviews from all of my students."

Liz Holton - 4th grade teacher
Vidalia Heritage Academy

"We really enjoyed the Civil War program! The highlight was learning the way the civilians lived during that time period.  The students relished in the fact that they were able to answer questions posed by the guides and shared their excitement about learning new information.  Even the bus drivers enjoyed what they learned about the Civil War and Atlanta’s connection to it.

The program was easy to book and your team was quite accommodating.  Much thanks!!”

Terrilyn Jones – 5th grade teacher
Kemp Elementary School

*Some craft demonstrations and attractions may be substituted without notice due to crowd conditions, inclement weather or maintenance. Ride The Ducks is an exclusive feature of the Ride The Ducks program and is not included in any other program.

**Adventure Pass (available select dates in the Fall and Spring)

For further information or to purchase meal options for your trip, please contact the Group Sales Department at 770-498-5636 or email groups@stonemountainpark.com.